After getting caught up in the mad rush of the concrete world, how satisfying would it be to experience the complete opposite? Wouldn’t you rather argue about which star is the brightest than the best route to get to your workplace? Or about how satisfying a simple lunch tastes after a long trek rather than a gourmet meal that takes a chunk out of your bank balance?
At Roads & Journeys, we believe that when you decide to take a break from your daily life, you are greeted with an experience that lingers even days after your adventure. We have planned our packages and international trips in a way that they can be best enjoyed by the young and the young at heart alike. Whether it is waking up to a flurry of exotic birds going about their day within the thicket of the lushest forests or tuning in to the sound of a nearby stream gushing towards its destination in the most melodious manner, you will love every moment of your adventure.
We try to keep things as simple as possible, right from occasionally putting you up in a homestay with a local family to guiding you through some offbeat local attractions that are an adventure by themselves. Not to mention, our groups are usually compact so that each traveler can have an individual experience at their own pace.
Roads & Journeys offers treks across India and international travel to Bhutan, Tanzania & Ecuador in addition to tours in Pondicherry, Leh & Sikkim and a Rafting Expedition in Uttarakhand.
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International Tours

Ecuador Lake
Ecuador | Experience one of South America’s seldom explored gems. Ride one of the highest cable car in the world to the Pichincha Volcano, walk to the heart of the Quilotoa crater and stand in the middle of the world.
Tanzania Safari
Tanzania | Serengeti National Park is the most famous wildlife reserve in the world. Descend into the heart of wild Africa and observe wildlife in their natural habitat. You can also be one of the few fortunate people to glide in a Hot Air Balloon over the Serengeti Plains.
people standing on Kilimanjaro with flags
Kilimanjaro | Trek to the highest mountain in Africa while walking through rainforests, moorlands, rocky landscapes and the famous cloud forest. It’s one of the most soul satisfying treks you can take.

Popular Treks

A trek through the cold desert with stunning contrasting views, Markha is a must to experience the heart of Laddakh
Markha Valley Trek | One of the most popular treks in Ladakh, the Markha Trek takes you alongside the pristine Markha River while simultaneously exploring a host of Ladakhi settlements
Anini | A Himalayan trek in Arunachal Pradesh is a whole different experience all together. Discover the Land of the Dawn-Lit Mountains and its flora and fauna that stand apart from anything you have experienced on a trek before.
Sandakphu Trek | Pristine views of Mt Everest and Kanchenjunga! Do we need to say more? Right at the border of India and Nepal, the trek to the Sandakphu peak is one of the most gratifying ones you can make in your life. Don’t miss spotting the Sleeping Buddha.
Tarsar Marsar Trek | Visit the stunning Tarsar and Marsar lakes surrounded by the Kolahoi peaks. Take a walk through the Gujjar settlements, pine forests and open grasslands until you finally arrive at this postcard worthy destination. Turquoise blue waters await you.
Valley of Flowers Trek | A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Valley Of Flowers in Uttarakhand invites you to marvel at the flurry of colours that are a sight for sore eyes. An extremely popular destination during its blooming season, this is one that makes the climb worth every struggle.
Blue skys with mountains
Lamayuru Trek | Witness the mighty Karakoram range in all its glory. A challenging trek that takes you through Ladakh’s most picturesque routes. Everyone has a single image of Ladakh in mind but you are about to explore a whole different side.

Indian Tours

Sikkim | Surrounded by countries on either side, Sikkim is a sight for sore eyes. With picturesque landscapes, snow-capped mountains and perennial rivers at every turn, you wouldn't want to give this a miss.
Pondicherry Tourist Places To Visit| Auroville Sightseeing
Pondicherry | Known as the little France of India, Pondicherry gives you the feeling of being transported to a different part of the world. With its cultural fusion, you can best experience it in our unique way.
A trek through the cold desert with stunning contrasting views, Markha is a must to experience the heart of Laddakh
Leh | A favourite on every traveller's bucket list, Leh is an enchanting journey into landscapes that hold stories of a thousand years. Pack your bags for an adventure of a lifetime.

What the trekkers say

Archana Shetty

Archana Shetty

"Valley of flowers was my first big trek and I enjoyed the journey thoroughly. Taarak is the best trek guide & he makes the whole experience a memorable one..."

Mangala Devi

Mangala Devi

"It was a sudden decision to go with Roads and Journey. It was amazing, memorable trek. I really loved it, especially Taarak, we love to trek with you!"

Smitha Murali

Smitha Murali

"Versatile in every sense. The trek guides just become a part of the group and it's just one big happy family trek thereafter. Thankyou!!"

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