The trek calendar helps you pick the adventures, treks and trips that suit you best. Do call all us to get all your doubts cleared. There’s an adventure for everyone and we will be glad to help you to choose the right one. 

For regular trekkers, there are  tough treks lines up. There are easy treks for beginners. Families can plan their adventures in Sikkim, Leh, Kerala and Pondicherry. We are here to make sure no one misses out on an escapade. 

Fixed departures starting this June. Here are the dates for 2022. 

Spiti – 1st to 8th July

Markha Valley – 10th to 17th July 

Great Lakes – 23rd July to 30th July 

Tarsar Marsar  – 1st to 6th August

Valley of Flowers Trek – 14th to 19th August 

Sandakphu – 24th to 30th September

Sikkim – 3rd to 9th October

Vythiri, Waynad – 26th to 30th October

Anini, Arunachal Pradesh – 14th to 21st November 

Kotagiri Trek – 17th to 21st December

Kotagiri Trek – 24th to 28th December

Vythiri, Waynad – 30th December to 2nd January 

If you have any doubts, please drop us a message or call us