It all started with my “once a week” outdoor class in a farm as part of our extra curriculum activities. This was my escape from the world. There was nothing more I wanted than being in the nature surrounded by trees, fields, a lake and gardens. It was calming, I didn’t think of the classrooms anymore and was in a hurry to to soak in as much as possible. It healed me.

I was an average student. Even though the teachers took great care of us and were extremely loving, I hated being indoors. I just needed a reason to be out. I gave excuses to escape the room; it seemed to suck life out of me, I was scared at times and longed for an escape, even if short, to the farm.

Luckily for me, I was encouraged to escape more and more. I was given the opportunity to feel alive. Every time I was at the farm, I would choose to do something different. I chased butterflies, I gazed at the ducks always swimming away, feeling upset why they wouldn’t come close, took a compulsory dip in the lake after a round in the kayak. That drowned all my worries, at least once a week for sure. I swam around aimlessly, worry free.

As time passed I didn’t want to wait once a week or month to live my life. I started to plan my life in a way that gave me more time in the nature.

Now I lead treks and conduct outdoor camps to raise awareness about outdoors.

Outdoor therapy has become an increasingly popular option over the last year.

In addition, outdoor therapy can provide a much-needed respite from the distractions, technology, and chaos of everyday life. “We are constantly being overstimulated with media, noise, and the use of our devices throughout the day,” says Reverend Connie L. Habash, MA, LMFT, a California-based counsellor and author. “Going outdoors and reigniting this inherent sense of connection to the natural world thus alleviates depression, which is often spurred by feeling disconnected.”

Outdoor therapy is particularity impactful to youngsters. Some of the benefits include real life experiences, opportunities for personal developments, encouraging self reflection & self growth and decreasing depression.

Step out! What is holding you back now? 🙂

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