Sandakphu Trek – 9th February to 14th February

Sandakphu Trek – 16th February to 21st February

Tanzania Safari – 23rd February to 1st March

Anini, Arunachal Pradesh  20th April to 27th April

Rupin Pass Trek – 25th May -1st June

Ecuador – 2nd June to 8th June

Tanzania Safari – 15th June to 21st June 

Lamayuru Trek  – 23rd June to 29th June

Markha Valley Trek  – 6th July 13th July

Leh – 13th July to 21st July

Lamayuru Trek  – 21st July to 27th July

Valley of Flowers Trek – 3rd August – 8th August

Ecuador – 10th August – 16th August

Kilimanjaro – 14th September to 21st September 

Tanzania Safari  – 21st September to 27th September

Sandakphu Trek – 30th September to 5th October

Anini, Arunachal Pradesh – 6th October to 13th October

Vythiri, Waynad – 19th October to 23rd October

Kotagiri Trek – 2nd November to 7th November

Kotagiri Trek – 16th November to 21st November

Vythiri, Waynad – 23rd November to 27th November

Vythiri, Waynad – 30th November to 4th December

Tanzania Safari – 22nd December to 28th December

Ecuador – 22nd December to 28th December

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Roads and Journeys