Pondicherry is now firmly on the tourist map of India. From being a transit station it is now an end in itself for tourism. Known so far for its spiritual and heritage tourism, Pondicherry is now boasting adventure tourism as well with the recent advent of scuba diving. We are now proud to add another dimension to adventure tourism by introducing parasailing for the first time in Pondicherry.


Ever since man turned his gaze skyward he has dreamt of flying and many a life has been lost in the attempt. Haven’t you ever wondered what the eagle feels soaring high above the earth with its majestic wings spread out, looking at the ground far down below, where people look like toys?

Pursuing our dreams we have come a long way now and today we bring you the safest and easiest way to experience the thrill of flying. Today we have come to a point where we can tell you ” if you can walk, we can make you fly”. So come and share our dream, come and fly with us.

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Parasailing is on hold due to govt. policy making drive. We are currently not conducting Parasailing.

Para sailing on Land. No vehicles are used.
On all days

Price : Rs 500 (Adult)

Duration: Depending on the wind speed and other conditions, this flight will last for five minutes and take you to a height of approximately 25 meters.

Age Limit: Above 12 (12-18 parent signature required) depending on weight

Weight Limit: Min 40kg and Max 90kg.

As there are inherent risks involved in para sailing just as in any other outdoor sport, you are advised to wear closed-heel shoes and jeans/trousers for extra safety. You will also be required to fill out some paperwork.

If for some reason (bad weather/wind conditions, etc) flights are cancelled (final word is the captain’s),  you will get a full refund.

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NOTE: The package does not include transportation charges

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