It was a beautiful night in the western ghats. We stared at the sky full of stars but had to think about the dinner at the same time. So we devided ourselves to get the tasks done. While Satyajit and Satyam went looking for wood, Prasanna, Sharmi & me pitched the tents, unpacked everything, decided the menu and began sorting out the food.

I didn’t expect it to be so cold. Thankfully we had our warm clothing. Once the fire was up, we sat huddled around, enjoying the heat. Prasanna, our cook in all trips, started ordering us around and we got whatever he asked for. We didn’t care being pushed around, all that mattered was a hot, yummy dinner.

After shouting at him a million times to hurry up, the food was finally ready. We hogged like pigs that night. As we were exhausted, we postponed star gazing for the next night, dove into our tents, tugged in our warm sleeping bags and thanked the stars for such an amazing outcome. Within no time, we fell unconscious.

I still remember the next day so well. I opened my eyes, peeped out of the unzipped tent, felt the early morning ease and saw the 4 of them sitting around the fire making tea. The smoke drifted across the plateau making it a scene straight out of a dream. I felt ecstatic. Here I was, doing what I enjoy the most, escaping the mess of the world like the most dreaded prisoner running away for life.

I stepped out slowly and got shouted at straight away. “Stop being so lazy and come and help” shouted Satyam. I laughed out aloud and ran to get my cup of tea. We then made plans for the day and waited for our host to turn up. By the time we finished eating breakfast, our saviour, turned up. Straightaway we bombarded him with questions.

We discussed our options of changing our campsite as we wanted to explore as much as possible. After he gave some options, we decided to shift to a new place. But before that we asked if there was a waterfall nearby. And there was indeed a waterfall. So we folded our tents, wrapped up and followed him to a private waterfall about an hour’s walk away.

The waterfall was deep within an estate. It was about 3 meters high with water gushing down. We threw our bags and ran under the cold shower. We were thrilled. The water was refreshing. Just pure, clear water. While Satyajit was busy taking some wonderful photographs, Sharmi, Satyam, Prass and me sat under the powerful flow getting massaged.

We were there for almost 3 hours. We relaxed, trekked around and finally decided to leave. We had to go make our lunch and go to the next camp site. That nearly took most of our afternoon and by the time we reached the new campsite, it was beginning to get dark. We quickly pitched the tents, arranged our stuff inside, pulled out the torches and went looking for wood. Whatever little we saw of the campsite during the twilight, it was stunning.

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