If there is one word that describes Pondicherry the best, it is “dreamy”. Tourists from around the world flock this little French town in southern India and soak in its history, beachy atmosphere and cross-cultural vibes. The locals can be seen going about their day while enthusiastic tourists will be caught clicking pictures outside bright coloured villas that are statement Pondicherry. The usual hotspots include Auroville, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Ganesh Temple, the New Light House for activities around the town and Ousteri Lake, Gingee Fort, Pichavaram Mangrove & Tanjore for activities close to the town. 

So what do we do?

Our lead, Taarak, grew up in Pondicherry. So naturally, he knows the town inside out. A former student of the Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education, his knowledge of the place is unmatched. He knows every nook and corner as well as the surrounding areas around Pondicherry better than anyone else. And he’s an adventure freak. He is a scuba diver and an avid trekker and loves to take people around his hometown. Here are some of the programs he leads.

Midnight Walks

Witnessing this magical town at night is a whole different story. Not many have the opportunity to experience the quaint nightlife here, and no, we’re not talking about the parties or loud noise but silence at it’s best. Imagine walking along deserted streets, heritage buildings, the beach and sampling delicious food as a reward for your dedication to stay up at night. 

The walk begins outside Chief Secretariat on the Promenade, where participants are asked to assemble by 11,30pm. After a quick briefing, we embark on our walk that takes about an hour. You will see for yourself how Pondicherry becomes a different town altogether at this time of night. 

By the end of the walk, we stop by Le Cafe on Rock Beach and sample their famous coffee and any other snacks that you want to dig into. Le Cafe is open till the wee hours of morning. 

If you want to experience Pondicherry a little differently from how others see it, then register for our walk. It won’t disappoint you.    

Swimming in the Quarries

An hour away from Pondy are granite quarries, full of serene and clean waters. The feeling of being here cannot be described in words. Will a picture do to convince you?


The Auroville Experience 

 There’s so much more to Auroville than the visitor’s centre and Matrimandir. And that’s where we come in. If you want a genuine experience of Auroville and it’s interiors, the muddy trails and paths and the forest, we can give you that.

trees, nature,

We will take you to some of the units of Auroville and tell you what the International Township stands for, it’s essence and meaning. There are secret trails too.

Gingee, A grand Fortress of the South. 

Gingee is a small town nestled among the hills on the way to Bangalore, about 75 kms from Pondicherry. It is famous for its fort, which has changed hands from one ruler to another, including Shivaji, the great Maratha warrior, the British, French and many south Indian rulers. The three main hills Krishnagiri, Rajagiri and Chandragiri constitute a fort complex, the inner fort being at the foothill of Rajgiri, the highest of the 3 hills.

Gingee is ideal for an adventure trip. You can either take the steps right to the top of Rajgiri and Krishnagiri or climb up the rocks to Chandragiri. The view from the top is beautiful, especially after the rains as one sees the lush green countryside.

On a hot day, the temple ponds provide a great relief as one can take a quick relaxed swim in there. As you start to discover some hidden places the imagination does the rest. It is fascinating to see how the structures were built centuries ago. The “Troy of the East” as called by British, presents a fascinating picture of the glorious splendour of its bygone days.

The Remotest of Beaches

A visit to Pondy is incomplete without experiences the beaches and a swim in the sea. But here comes the best part, we take you to some of the most isolated beaches. If you hate crowds, then trust us, you cannot miss this opportunity.

You can get in touch with us @9159036200

Duration varies as per the destination.

Cost per head – Rs. 1000

Terms & Conditions

1. Stay: Stay in Pondicherry is not included in the program fee. In case you need a homestay, do check https://www.amalavidapondy.com 

2. Transport: Transport charges will be extra in case you need a vehicle to go around.  No service tax is applicable on transport cost. Roads & Journeys only arranges the vehicle pick up and is not responsible for any issues during transport.

3. Pick-up: Participants are picked up from their respective hotels.

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"Pondicherry actually matches up to the tagline "Peaceful Pondicherry" and "Give time a break". This town is absolute magic. You have to try out the local cuisine as well as the adventures offered here"
Satyajit Roy