If there is one word that describes Pondicherry the best, it is “dreamy”. Tourists from around the world flock this little French town in southern India and soak in its history, beachy atmosphere and cross-cultural vibes. The locals can be seen going about their day while enthusiastic tourists will be caught clicking pictures outside bright coloured villas that are statement Pondicherry. The usual hotspots include Auroville, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Ganesh Temple, the New Light House for activities around the town and Ousteri Lake, Gingee Fort, Pichavaram Mangrove & Tanjore for activities close to the town. 

But, witnessing this magical town at night is a whole different story. Not many have the opportunity to experience the quaint nightlife here, and no, we’re not talking about the parties or loud noise but silence at it’s best. Imagine walking along deserted streets, heritage buildings, the beach and sampling delicious food as a reward for your dedication to stay up at night. 

The walk begins outside Chief Secretariat on the Promenade, where participants are asked to assemble by 11,30pm. After a quick briefing, we embark on our walk that takes about an hour. You will see for yourself how Pondicherry becomes a different town altogether at this time of night. 

Make sure you wear comfortable shoes and carry a bottle of water. Dress according to the weather because it does get windy at night, especially in December and January. Stay with the group so that you can clearly listen to all the interesting facts that your walk leader will be sharing with you. In case you want to stop to take pictures, let the walk leader know. But make sure you don’t take too long and hold the group back.

By the end of the walk, we stop by Le Cafe on Rock Beach and sample their famous coffee and any other snacks that you want to dig into. Le Cafe is open till the wee hours of morning. 

If you want to experience Pondicherry a little differently from how others see it, then register for our walk. It won’t disappoint you.    

Places of Interest

Auroville, Heritage Walk in the French Quarter, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Ganesh Temple,, Go up the New Light House, Secluded Beaches (Ask us which ones), Mid Night Walk, Ousteri Lake, Gingee Fort, Pichavaram Mangrove & Tanjore. 

You can choose one of the locations from above for a half day tour or take a full day tour covering more areas. We customize our local travel itineraries on demand.

Cost of a group of 4 or less is  ₹2,000.00 for a half day tour

Cost of a Group of 5 and above is  ₹4,000.00 for a half day tour

Midnight Walks

Pondy is mesmerizing at night. Not many have the opportunity to experience the quaint night life here. It’s not about parties or loud noise but silence at it’s best. You can soak in the atmosphere of deserted streets, heritage buildings, the beach and delicious food. The walk takes about an hour and we roam in the white town experiencing what can’t be done in the day. It’s a different town altogether at this time of night.

As you walk past the beach, waves cast their magic on you. Hear them in silence of the night and look out to the horizon to see the lights of the fishing boats flickering. Sit by the beach to feel the cool breeze.

We discuss topics ranging from history, art and culture to fun facts and stories of this quiet little french colony.

Give it a try at least once. You will return again and again.

Cost: Rs.300 per person.

Duration: An hour

Kayaking in the Backwaters 

Price : INR 1000 (Adult) includes fees for kayaking & equipment only.

Note: The package does not include transportation charges. Price includes, Entry fee charges and equipment.

Duration: 1 Hour


Pondicherry is now firmly on the tourist map of India. From being a transit station it is now an end in itself for tourism. Known so far for its spiritual and heritage tourism, Pondicherry is now boasting adventure tourism as well with the recent advent of scuba diving. We are now proud to add another dimension to adventure tourism by introducing parasailing for the first time in Pondicherry.


Ever since man turned his gaze skyward he has dreamt of flying and many a life has been lost in the attempt. Haven’t you ever wondered what the eagle feels soaring high above the earth with its majestic wings spread out, looking at the ground far down below, where people look like toys?

Pursuing our dreams we have come a long way now and today we bring you the safest and easiest way to experience the thrill of flying. Today we have come to a point where we can tell you ” if you can walk, we can make you fly”. So come and share our dream, come and fly with us.

Para sailing on Land. No vehicles are used.
On all days

Price : Rs 500 (Adult)

Duration: Depending on the wind speed and other conditions, this flight will last for five minutes and take you to a height of approximately 25 meters.

Age Limit: Above 12 (12-18 parent signature required) depending on weight

Weight Limit: Min 40kg and Max 90kg.

As there are inherent risks involved in para sailing just as in any other outdoor sport, you are advised to wear closed-heel shoes and jeans/trousers for extra safety. You will also be required to fill out some paperwork.

If for some reason (bad weather/wind conditions, etc) flights are cancelled (final word is the captain’s),  you will get a full refund.

Watch our video on YouTube:


NOTE: The package does not include transportation charges

Gingee Walk 

You all have heard of Marathons. But have you tried walking 60 kms throughout the night experiencing the darkness and the solitude? Yes, we have a walk from Pondicherry to Gingee which will test your endurance and mental strength. As you cover distance you will realize how fast pace life makes you miss so much around you. But at this pace you will soak in the clean surrounding and you will feel life must slow down to absorb the little joys of life.

Physically you must be fit ready to take on the challenge head on. It’s a journey in itself, a tough one but one which will make you feel on top of the world.

Are you ready?

Price: Rs. 4000/person.

Minimum requirement: 4 Persons

The price includes return transport from Gingee, Dinner and Breakfast and entry fee to the Gingee fort. We will have a support vehicle in case there are participants who find it difficult to go on.

Camping by the backwaters

As you drive in to the farm, you realize it’s very quiet. No one is to be seen. You hear the birds, there are no other sounds than of the breeze. That’s when you realize what the evening and the night are going to be. Your stay is in the tents right at the bank of the back waters. There are numerous activities such as sailing, kayaking, boating and bird watching while a glorious sunset makes head turn, Star gazing and finally a barbecue under the open sky with a sky full of stars. The rest, you must experience. 



Price: Rs. 2000/person.

The price includes ingredients used for the barbecue & Dinner 

Smoking and Drinking is strictly prohibited.

Note: The package does not include transportation charges

Terms & Conditions

1. Stay: Stay in Pondicherry is not included in the program fee. In case you need a stay, do check


2. Transport: Transport charges will be extra in case you need a vehicle to go around.  No service tax is applicable on transport cost. Roads & Journeys  only arranges the vehicle pick up and is not responsible for any issues during transport.

3. Pick-up: Participants are picked up from their respective hotels.

 Read Essentials to know more details.
"Pondicherry actually matches up to the tagline "Peaceful Pondicherry" and "Give time a break". This town is absolute magic. You have to try out the local cuisine as well as the adventures offered here"
Satyajit Roy