At Roads & Journeys, we believe that when you decide to take a break from your daily life, you are greeted with an experience that lingers even days after your adventure. We have planned our trekking packages and international trips in a way that they can be best enjoyed by the young and the young at heart alike. Whether it is waking up to a flurry of exotic birds going about their day within the thicket of the lushest forests. Or tuning in to the sound of a nearby stream gushing towards its destination in the most melodious manner.

We try to keep things as grassroot as possible, right from occasionally putting you up in a homestay with a local family to guiding you through some offbeat local attractions that are an adventure by themselves. Not to mention, our groups are usually compact so that each traveller can have an individual experience at their own pace.

Every day is an adventure waiting to unfold when you are in our company.

Being in touch with nature is essential for human growth. In today’s fast growing digitalised world, real outdoor experiences and spending time in nature’s proximity is a prime necessity. Roads and Journeys is not just a one stop destination for one’s adventure needs, it’s a company that gives importance to one’s experience in nature. 

Roads and Journeys is a brain child of a few close friends with a passion for the outdoors. 

From Himalayan treks to southern hikes, you can choose from a wide range of options. Be it standing on the top of a mountain or diving deep into the oceans, we at Roads and Journeys are always looking for ways to connect with nature. Our trek leaders are always on the look out for new trails and adventures. 

Our aim, along with planning a perfect itinerary, is also to provide our members a scope to bond, to enjoy themselves, as they step away from the monotony of city life. With rapid digitalization, extreme stress levels, rising competition amongst children and the unbeatable traffic and pollution, being outdoors amidst nature, connecting with people through actual conversation as opposed to social media, has become a must. We therefore prefer small groups which help us give personal attention to every individual.

We offer customised treks, making groups based on the members’ level of experience and interest, leisure treks and short outings, and specially designed itineraries for children. We also provide full assistance in planning. So, are you ready to embrace nature? Make new friends? Plan an adventure to tick it off your ever-growing bucket list that may be catching dust on your office desk? Roads and Journeys is here to help.

Roads and Journeys